ACMS have an unsurpassed reputation for providing a high standard of maintenance and service.

We have a dedicated highly experienced team providing our customers with high quality maintenance and service.

We ensure that all of contracts are competitively priced and tailored to our client’s needs.

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We specialise in providing maintenance and service for the following systems:

  • Air conditioning
  • Ventilation
  • Heating
  • Electrical

Reasons why you should have a maintenance contract

Air conditioning, heating, ventilation and electrical systems require maintenance to ensure safe efficient operation enhancing energy saving as well as helping to prolong the life of your equipment.

An ACMS maintenance contract gives you the reassurance of knowing that your equipment is maintained to a high standard on a regular basis.

ACMS maintenance contract holders also enjoy the security of knowing that they can benfit from our service call out cover.

Service works will be carried out using our highly skilled service technicians who will aim to get any break down fixed as quickly and conveniently as possible.

 Please Note:

Please Note: We cannot guarantee a 24 hour response time to a logged service call, therfore we aim to provide a minimum 24 hour response. Please be assured we always try to respond as quickly as possible, especially where server rooms are concerned, however this would depend on our workload at the time of the service call being logged.

An ACMS maintenance contract also gives you the benefit of extended warranty policies:

  • Daikin – 7 years
  • Mitsubishi Electric – 7 years
  • Toshiba – 7 years
  • Fujitsu – 5 years

The warranty policy is based on the commissioning date of the equipment. If repairs are required within the first year of commissioning, the parts and labour will be covered. Any time after, parts will be covered however labour will be chargeable.

It is a mandatory requirement that for any warranty to be valid the equipment must be regularly maintained during the warranty period in accordance with the manufacturers recommended procedures, and by an approved installer.

If parts have not been regularly maintained the warranty will be invalid.

An ACMS maintenance contract allows you to be confident that you are complaint with the latest F Gas regulations.

Are you aware of the latest F Gas regulations?

Effects of no maintenance

Not maintaining your equipment will enhance the risk of breakdown occurring resulting in un-necessary repair biulls. Opposite is a list of the most common faults associated with not regularly maintaining your equipment.

  • Leaking water
  • Loss of performance
  • Freezing
  • Restricted air flow

Are you aware of the new laws regarding R22 refrigerant?

As from 1st January 2015 R22 refrigerant has been banned throughout Europe, as a result it can no longer legally be used on any type of air conditioning equipment.

With this in mind, if you have R22 equipment on site and service call out is required due to a breakdown, any works involving the refrigerant cannot by law be carried out, therefore the equipment will be deemed unrepairable and will require replacing.

If you are unsure on the refrigerant your equipment contains or you are aware that you have R22 onsite and you would like a quotation to replace the equipment, ACMS can carry out a survey and provide a quotation to suit.